Ancient African Skincare

How does our ultra high-tech skincare that we use today differ from what our ancestors used?

The Great Rift Valley is known as the birthplace of humanity and it is a nutrient-rich landscape that our ancestors roamed many years ago. We pay tribute to the story of our brand and share the history of how our ancestors, who had a rich and deep connection with the land, cared for their skin using ingredients provided to them by their natural environment.

This part of Africa is a land of extreme temperatures and unique soil compositions, with some of these minerals only found in this area of the world. The landscape constantly changes over time, making species that do survive stronger due to their resistance, and keeping the soil dense in a plethora of nutrients. It is therefore no surprise that the area is home to a huge diversity of plants.

Our ancestors were nomads, travelling across these plains with their herds of animals and learning the land so that they could understand best how to survive.

Radiant, shiny and moisturised skin was the ultimate symbol of health, and our ancestors achieved this by using animal fats, usually from sheep’s tails or other animals in their herds. They stored the fats in cattle horn containers like these:

Cattle Horn Africa Skin Care


Blemishes or other skin diseases were concealed by mixing the soil or chalk powders with these animal fats and smearing it on to their faces.

Today, it is still true that radiance depicts health, and therefore moisturisers are still key to our beauty regimes. But we know a lot more through science about how to create the best for our skin. We are aware of toxic ingredients, and we know what the skin requires every day, and how certain ingredients interact with skin cell receptors. We have innovative ways through technology to ensure your skin contains the nutrients and actives it needs to remain healthy and glowing.