The Origin of Humanity

In the heart of East Africa lies the Rift Valley: a unique geographical terrain that has nourished and sustained our species, enabling our evolution. For centuries, this nutrient-rich and immensely fertile landscape has been the source of rare and extraordinary beauty ingredients.

Elethea’s founder, biochemist and cosmetic scientist Nausheen Qureshi, was born and raised in Kenya (East Africa) and was inspired by the unique healing properties of these plants on her own skin. Read more about how and why Nausheen created Elethea here.


Central to our philosophy is the ethical sourcing of our African ingredients. We provide scientific training and knowledge to local agricultural men and women in Kenya, teaching them how to sustainably grow and harvest skincare ingredients.


Elethea is a unique British brand. British biochemists, cosmetic chemists and researchers have come together to formulate and create our brand’s products, products that they themselves could use daily for glowing skin and would be proud to put their research and names to. Our products takes 2 years minimum to research, formulate and develop. We create effective products using our own cutting-edge scientific research coupled with African ingredients that we source ourselves from East Africa.

Elethea products are all made in England. Our manufacturing is boutique style to maintain attention to detail and high standards of quality: extracts are hand made and products are made in small batches before being filled and hand packed. Our processes are driven by environmentally-friendly methods and our manufacturing and recyclable packaging adhere to a strict level of excellence.

“My aim is to create a brand that showcases the strength, beauty and richness of the African landscape and people through its products. As a biochemist, I want to create an effective range of skincare products using my team’s scientific research that other women and I can use throughout our lives for healthy skin. Elethea’s mission is to empower both those who use our products and those who grow our ingredients: to deliver change through our results.”

– Nausheen Qureshi, Founder