About Us


Anti-ageing science naturally sourced

As a child raised in Kenya, biochemist and cosmetic scientist Nausheen Qureshi was fascinated by the skincare regimes of the native women she grew up with. Inspired by these ancient rituals that relied solely on natural remedies, Nausheen created Elethea, a range of pioneering science-led luxury skincare packed with some of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients.

Nature’s Pharmacy

After training as a biochemist at London’s Imperial College, Nausheen began a five year search for nature’s most effective answers to skin ageing, returning to Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. This unique, nutrient-rich ridge of land runs through Kenya from North to South and has become a geographical hot-spot for scientists who have discovered a host of rare plant species, which contain powerful ingredients currently proving vital in the skincare and medical worlds.

Selecting the most powerful ingredients, Nausheen used her knowledge of biochemistry to enhance their natural properties, bio-engineering molecules small enough to penetrate the deep layers of the skin where they are most effective. Together with PhD biochemist Dr Israt Alam and her sister, a lawyer Saeher Qureshi, Elethea’s team was born. Nausheen and her team’s biochemistry background provides us with the latest scientific knowledge and skills to develop a luxurious skincare collection that delivers visible and long lasting efficacy.

Nausheen Qureshi, Founder